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India and Miriam’s Playground Project

Together India and Miriam have explored Lyndhurst’s playground through sound recordings, textures and words through their version of a cinquain poem!

Playground Poems by India and Miriam

Beautiful, wonderful
Skipping, collecting, jumping
Shall we go outside?
Yes please! JOYFUL!
Natural, rocky
Running, playing, smiling
Let’s play the video game.
Of course!  HEADPHONES!

Radio Club interviews Sharon Hodgson MP!

Last week Radio Club welcomed a special guest to Lyndhurst’s Dyslexia Centre! Sharon Hodgson is the Labour MP for Washington and Sunderland West, Shadow Public Health Minister and chairs the all Party Parliamentary Group on Dyslexia and SpLD. In this interview she gives us feedback on the centre, thoughts of dyslexia and her first impressions of Radio Club. Thanks to Sharon and Radio Club!

Fantastic Gymnastics with Dea!

Continuing from her Fantastic Gymnastics story written with Ms Wheare, Dea has recently been working on a Soundscape to perform gymnastics to, using Soundbeam.  We have used Bananagrams to play around with spelling and to help create a poster all about the sport. We have also been listening to different kinds of music and below are Dea’s thoughts on it:

Soundbeam Stories

Horace and Ned share their Orangemen creations inspired by their Soundbeam experiments.

Welcome to the Camp of Orangemen!

They are a group of soldiers who guard the Great Spider made out of bananas from the evil Domino chocolate men.  They speak a different language of veeekvorkveekaveekaveekwork and are incredibly noisy when they work.

Listen here to their soundscape:

And enjoy this video of documenting their work, exploring visual and word descriptions of the characters and playing with nonsense language and sentence structure.

Ned and Horace also give us an insight into working with Soundbeam as assistive technology: