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Transitions 2019

Enjoy Samuel, Esme, Yola, Dea, Jasmin and Rex’s video about their time at Lyndhurst Dyslexia Centre. They reflect on their learning, feelings and give advice to younger students who have just found out they are dyslexic.

Good luck to them and all year 6’s!

Also tune into Oscar (a former student of LDC) give an insight into being a dyslexic learner at secondary school:

India and Miriam’s Playground Project

Together India and Miriam have explored Lyndhurst’s playground through sound recordings, textures and words through their version of a cinquain poem!

Playground Poems by India and Miriam

Beautiful, wonderful
Skipping, collecting, jumping
Shall we go outside?
Yes please! JOYFUL!
Natural, rocky
Running, playing, smiling
Let’s play the video game.
Of course!  HEADPHONES!