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Dea’s Adventure Story

This term Dea has been working on a project about rabbits!  We started off by identifying reasons why she is interested in the subject, working through spellings and breaking up the process of creating a story.

Making an mnemonic (a device for remembering something – in this case a spelling) of Adventure Story, we used the words generated to form a story about rabbits, elephants, oranges and umbrellas!  To accompany this story, Dea worked on a stop motion animation and used Soundbeam Assistive Technology to create a soundscape.

Behind the scenes work:

Read the story here:

Watch Dea’s animation:

Listen to Dea’s soundscape in full:



A video by Primrose, Frankie, Oscar and Elsa-Rose about their time at Lyndhurst and being part of the LDC team.  They talk about their thoughts, feeling and journey so far with us, tips for teachers and learning strategies.  They also give advice if you’ve just found out you’re dyslexic, thoughts on the future and moving to their new secondary schools.

Good luck to them and all year 6’s!