Dea’s Adventure Story

This term Dea has been working on a project about rabbits!  We started off by identifying reasons why she is interested in the subject, working through spellings and breaking up the process of creating a story.

Making an mnemonic (a device for remembering something – in this case a spelling) of Adventure Story, we used the words generated to form a story about rabbits, elephants, oranges and umbrellas!  To accompany this story, Dea worked on a stop motion animation and used Soundbeam Assistive Technology to create a soundscape.

Behind the scenes work:

Read the story here:

Watch Dea’s animation:

Listen to Dea’s soundscape in full:


1 thought on “Dea’s Adventure Story

  1. Silvie

    Brilliant Dea! What a fantastic story-such a great idea! Well done! I am very proud of you ❤️

    Thank you Catherine! This is very impressive! I enjoyed the presentation very much!


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