Ofsted & Parent Testimonials

The school has expertise in dyslexia and this is used to screen all pupils in Year 2.  This means that dyslexic pupils are quickly given the extra help they need.  They benefit from excellent opportunities to express their ideas in different ways, including the school’s innovative online radio station.  The school’s dyslexia unit trains teachers and other staff from across London.

– Ofsted October 2018

‘The Dyslexia Centre gives outstanding support and guidance to all teachers in the support of pupils with specific learning difficulties and this enables the school to teach these pupils within the mainstream classes. The Centre has developed an outstanding external reputation and now trains teachers throughout the authority and beyond.’

– Ofsted November 2014

The dyslexia support at Lyndhurst has we think transformed the educational experience of our children.  Their dyslexia was picked up early as part of routine screening at Lyndhurst in year two and this early intervention meant that appropriate support and diagnosis could take place. 
The school’s engagement with us and our children has enabled us all to understand the issues faced by our children and the remedial steps being taken to assist them. We have constantly been kept informed of their situation and progress by means of written test results, progress reports, quarterly individual education plans and regular discussions with those involved in assisting them. 

Parent testimonial

One of the main benefits she gained by working with the team at the Dyslexia centre is confidence and understanding. After her assessment and a few sessions her confidence soared: she realised that she was clever, capable and had a different way of learning.

She began working with the centre regularly from year 4 and quickly learned strategies for learning. She enjoyed using the various computer packages, which helped to re-enforce her sessions, and went back to the beginning with phonics and spellings that were based on strategies rather than lists of words. Most of all she gained a very positive, can-do attitude and a belief that nothing can hold her back.

Parent testimonial

The centre is supportive to both pupils and parents and the staff are friendly and approachable – the door is never closed to any worries or anxieties.
We particularly value the differentiation that the staff use to encourage achievement for all the children in their care. In our case our children have clearly been encouraged to read far beyond their actual age as it was recognised that despite their difficulties in reading their understanding and comprehension was high. This differentiationwas then taken back to the children’s classrooms post their sessions at the dyslexia centre – meaning our children could be challenged and supported in their classes by their class teachers in a similar way.

Parent testimonial