The Lyndhurst Dyslexia Teaching Staff

Mark Sherin – Centre Manager

Mark Sherin is currently a Dyslexia Trainer for the Local Authority, providing training for SENCOs, Teachers, LSAs and TAs. He is also qualified to assess Dyscaculia for the Local Authority.

Having dyslexia myself, with dyslexic children of my own, I understand and empathise with the challenges, frustrations and complexities of being a dyslexic learner.

Catherine Wheare – Specialist Teacher

In addition to my primary role of specialist teacher and assessor, I am responsible for screening, early identification and programme development.

My aim is to encourage self-motivation and autonomy by helping children to develop their own personal toolkit of strategies and techniques, which they take out with them into the world and use independently.

Avvon Chambers – Radio Editor

Mr. Chambers works at Grove FM on Wednesdays helping to record, edit and arrange tracks for the weekly broadcast. He graduated from The Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama in 2004, where he studied Music Technology and Composition.

He has many years of experience in writing, performing and recording in radio stations, across the BBC and beyond.

Maru Rojas – GroveFM Radio Coordinator

Maru works at Grove FM making radio programmes inspired by the curriculum and children’s learning. She also co-runs the Radio Club and works with children from the Lyndhurst Dyslexia Centre.

Her backround is in Visual Arts with a MFA Art Writing from Goldsmiths College and she has been working in schools, galleries & museums for over 10 years.

Amy Leung – GroveFM Radio Instructor

Amy co-runs GroveFM with Maru working with Dyslexic students, on class broadcasts and Radio Club. 

She is a visual artist working in schools, galleries and for art charities and is studying for a Masters in Art and Design in Education at the Institute of Education.