About us

Lyndhurst Dyslexia Centre is a resource-base which is attached to Lyndhurst Primary School. Broadly speaking we have two main aims:

  • Firstly to assess, identify and teach dyslexic learners who attend the school
  • Secondly to train teachers and school staff to become specialist teachers for dyslexia

Our teaching team is a group of specialists from different fields who work together to ensure that the children’s learning is holistic and tailored to their own unique needs. We also liaise with class teachers to create classroom-based resources and teaching approaches which support each child’s learning styles.

Our Current Lyndhurst Dyslexia Centre Team is:    

Mark Sherin, Centre Manager
Catherine Wheare, Specialist Teacher
John Hennessy, Occupational Therapist
Maru Rojas, Grove FM Radio Coordinator
Avvon Chambers, Grove FM Radio Editor