A list of useful and interesting things

Mark recommends:

For the full poem: https://www.theguardian.com/childrens-books-site/2014/nov/04/sally-gardner-dyslexia-awareness-week 

and more information on the Award winning author who is dyslexic:

A wonderful talk / animation by Sir Ken Robinson about changing education paradigms

Dudes with Dyslexia is A website designed to help 7-15 year olds who have or may have Dyslexia & their parents. It is meant to be educational, provide support and inspire children.

Hilery Jane’s fun and humorous blog: http://hileryjane.wordpress.com/

A List of people diagnosed with dyslexia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_people_diagnosed_with_dyslexia

Other Informative websites full of support and information:

A wonderful arts trust exploring the links of dyslexia and artistry: http://artsdyslexiatrust.org/node/7

Charlie recommends:

For children

A film made by Teenager Elliott Neve – The world the way I see it

You’re part of a very special club and it’s a gift, don’t let anyone ever tell you that you’re not good enough because you struggle with dyslexia, because it’s simply not true.’

Orlando Bloom

Cain’s arcade – shows you what you can do with some time, some cardboard and lots of imagination…  or visit his website

The Big Picture  – a film about Dyslexia

For Grown-ups

New York Times Article – video games may aid children with Dyslexia

Mum’s dyslexia blogspot http://dyslexiamom.blogspot.co.uk/

Sally Gardener’s Article Dyslexia’s not a disease


People with Dyslexia share their experiences – a hidden disability

“Because I’m Dyslexic” very motivating film about people’s strengths

Useful links
BDA’s group parent champions.
Mum’s dyslexia blogspot

Dyslexia is it a gift?

Sally Gardner’s Ten tips for a Dyslexic Thinker – The Telegraph


Catherine recommends:


This free website uses an interactive adventure game to teach basic phonic skills. It is made up of short, gentle games which are simple enough to build confidence but varied enough to maintain interest. A system of prizes and rewards encourages children to practice and over learn whilst adding to their phonic knowledge.

It is aimed at young learners but would suit dyslexic readers who are stumped by the first steps in synthetic phonics.

Shaun Tan invites you into his Studio. Shaun Tan talks through his creative process, using his sketch books and paintings, talking straight to camera from his studio. An inspiring role model.

Peter H Reynolds is a writer and illustrator. My favourite book of his is ‘Ish’ and is about being creative, painting for yourself and not needing to be perfect. His website has lots of creative ideas and links. http://peterhreynolds.com

Watch his YouTube presentation of Matchbox Theatres, if you can’t get to an exhibition of the Cabaret Mechanical Theatre, you can watch a selection of their exhibits on www.cabaret.co.uk or http://www.paulfleischman.net/

On a similar theme relating to creativity and thinking outside the box, rather than dyslexia….Tom Hunkin’s cartoons and machines. He has a selection of websites, two of which are: www.TimHunkin.com and this has a ten minute film about his own ‘arcade’ on Southwold Pier and how to make your own slot machine. www.underthepier.com

Other fun and useful videos: